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Copy Work


Part of what I can offer is copy work, which allows me to create a RAW digital image from an original image or artwork (original image size can be up to 16 x 20 inches). Once I have this copy made it can be reproduced for a variety purposes. Also, restoration work, depending on the extent of the damage, I can restore the copy to its original condition and sometimes make it look even better.  This takes time of course and each print job will be worked out on the time needed to do this.  However, simple copy work can be done quickly and efficiently.

Green Screens


Green Screen and Blue Screen is a technology used a lot in the Movie industry; however, it is also a technique I can use in the photographic studio environment.  I have the software to be able to take a “Green” or Blue” Studio background image and replace that with any location or setting imaginable.  This software allows me to shoot a product range in a controlled studio setting and place the item in the busy streets of Venice for example, see the image to the right.  This is not just limited to products, I can shoot anything with this background and do the same, your imagination is the only limit here.  


Still Life


This is where you can have your products reproduced for catalogues, websites or any other form of advertising.  I use 100cm x 200cm light table to do most items, but I also have the facility to go on site or use portable studio lighting and backdrops for larger items like people or products that will not comfortably fit on the light table. If it needs to be shot I will find a way.


The following is a list of services.

Just about anything can be done, commercial, industrial, real estate or advertising projects.  I specialise in travel, street life and architectural photography. Aslo any location works, social events, venues, promotions and productions. Below are a few other services, which may interest you.


Please call or e-mail for quotes.

Air Brushing


This is a technique used to enhance the natural features of the model and to make a more glamorous presentation in the advertisement or portrait.  The trick with this is to know how much to use so as not to make the model look to plastic. This kind of touch up can make all the difference and is something I can do for your images should you feel the need for a little digital magic. 


Bring out the natural beauty
Real Estate


The following images are a few low-res samples of interiors created for website advertisement.  It is important to keep the area clear and clean, drawing the eye to the main focus and selling point, while keeping a natural exposure and warm lighting.  When I shoot interiors I like to keep it as close as possible to the way it looks to the eye when you walk in giving that authenic feel and welcoming touch.  One could say you paint the room with a soft light while maintaining the details.


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