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About Me

I have been taking photos professionally since 1979, there is not a subject or situation I have not faced. My role was diverse and varied covering everything from real estate, aerial, industrial, advertising, studio, weddings, social events, corporate, Travel and much more. I was responsible for everything from shooting, printing and quality control. I am “Old School” meaning I learned about photography before the digital age, everything was by hand and eye and as such I know it inside out and have an acute eye for detail. This does not mean I have been left behind, as I am a professional IT user with distinctions in programming. Also I have been creating and manipulating images digitally since 1995 and I have been using the latest digital imaging software, I always use the latest version of CaptureOne, also I have been using Photoshop since 1998 and consider myself a professional user of both programs. I understand the demands and pace of the photographic industry well. I have a world of experience and extremely passionate about it. Today I just take on photo jobs that interest me, subjects that let me be creative and take me to new and interesting places and people.


Slide Show:

Here are a few samples of my work; depending on your connection speed it may take a little time to load all the images. However, once the slide show has completed one full cycle it will run smoothly on your system, enjoy!

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